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We started this company being the first meal prep company in Bristol because we have always been passionate about fitness. As fitness has always been apart of my life, meaning meal prep was a big part to competing in competitions every year. Meal Prep for me was a very long process to shop it and prepare it, so I decided to local companies to prep for me. After trying a few companies out, we decided that we could do it a lot bigger and better by offering our customers more flexibility. We wanted to offer a service where people who wanted gym meals, fitness meals, weight loss meals, or competition meals etc. to send us their own plan, build their own meals or shop from our menu. We also really wanted to engage our customers by offering a make money plan (check it out). We feel its really important to aid the working people, who don't have any time to prepare and who are into fitness (or not) to be able to have their meals prepared and delivered to them. By offering this service, we can offer fitness meals delivered straight to your door, whether your competing or just trying to eat healthy!

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